Bo Mukfvu yellow boubou dress (Afritudes)

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Bo Mukfvu boubou dress is a high-quality large gown, easy to wear and comfy.

Bo Mukfvu (which means the father of Guinea pigs) or also well known as Afo-A-Kom, is the foremost symbol of the Kom people of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It symbolizes "royal authority and the promise of continued succession." 

In 1966, the Afo-A-Kom was stolen from its sacred grove at Laikom (the seat of the Kom people, where the Foyn resides) by one of the princes. With trafficking of African traditional art, the statue was taken to the United States of America. The Kom people believe that the Afo-A-Nto'o possesses mystical powers and that shortly after it arrived in the US it began disturbing its new owners by destroying everything around it. Its new owner took it and threw it into the sea but only to get back home and see the Afo-A-Nto'o. He sold it to a New York art gallery where it was recognized. Funds were raised to purchase the stolen statue back from the art gallery. 
During the reception of the statue in Yaounde, Ahidjo (First President of Cameroon) suggested to the Fon that it should be kept in the National Museum in Yaounde, but the Fon replied that if the President can provide enough space in Yaounde for him to go and bring the Kom people to stay with it there, then he would accept the president's proposal. Seeing that Kom and the Afo-A-Nto'o were inseparable, the president made it possible for the statue to be taken back to its habitual residence at Laikom where it is put on display annually for the Kom people.

Kindly check the return of the Stolen God by Paul NKWI, for more information.

A pre tied matching scarf is available upon request (few additional charges may apply).

If you are looking for a special dress for Eid or other special occasions, Bo Mukfvu boubou dress is a good match. The neckline is embellished with a self-fabric flounce to compliment your neck. It is made to measure in 100% cotton, and fast shipped.

This dress is made following your measurements (kindly provide them, check our size guide for directions) so it will fit perfectly, and will be made unique for you. Quality craftsmanship is used for high quality. The dress is ready for shipping after placing order.

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Elsie is 1m70 and wears size M. The dress length is 150cm (59.05").

Sourced and Handmade in Cameroon.

Cotton • Yellow • Made to order • High quality • Fast shipping • Free delivery* • Shipping Worldwide • wash cold with mild soap • steam iron is recommended • do not bleach • hang dry in shade • do not tumble dry • avoid spin cycle • gift message available • for questions, kindly email us.

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