Ebenye tie and dye dress

Minsangi is a unique online clothing platform based in Douala, Cameroon. Minsangi is a BETI word that means NECKLACE.

The first aim of Minsangi is to help everybody to wear beautiful clothes.

You: The customer is the center of our attention. We design exclusive styles for the fashion and conscious woman that you are. We want our clothes to highlight your own style. We offer you the opportunity to take part in the process of making the clothes. After you choose a design, we will guide you in selecting the fabric. You insert your body measurements, and receive clothes made by you and for you, clothes that will fit. We invite you to take part to the process, as we want the clothes to become a part of you, even before you receive it.

Care: The noun Minsangi also reflects the care we take in designing your clothes. We choose to make most of our items after they are ordered by you not only because we want to reduce waste, or aim to make clothes that will fit you, but mostly because we design clothes which are unique as they highlight the personality of each customer who ordered it. You are unique. We think each cloth should be unique like you. And because we invite you to take part to the process, the cloth will become a part of you. As the cloth is a part of you, we know you will cherish it, take a good care of it and it will surely become your favourite.

Made in Cameroon: Each individual outfit provides a platform for your unique and personal expression. Our collections reflects a contemporary lifestyle. Our pieces take inspiration from original African Artwork and many influences from the World. They are a mix of different influence, various personalities. All our clothes are made in Douala by our talented team. Minsangi style can be define as simple and aesthetic, stylish and conscious. Most of our fabrics are sourced locally, either from local hand weavers or fabrics companies.

We: It is because we love couture and fashion that we launched Minsangi. We are willing to share our passion with each of our customers. We see Minsangi as a platform where passionate people can discuss and share their love and interests through the designing process. We aim to offer a premium online shopping experience.

Legacy: The clothes we design are aimed, like jewelry to be legated from generation to generations. The love you will have for our products, you will like to share it with your loves ones.

Made in Cameroon, with Love.

Minsangi idena printed jumpsuit