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Reviews! (April Session)

In this document, we gathered some selected reviews we gained from our Customers!

Why are we blogging?

This question is like asking why we started Minsangi. The story starts with our love for fashion(especially sewing) and Africa. That love led us to start building Minsangi. In the journey we are falling more and more in love for these two.

Comment associer les imprimés ?

L’association des imprimés ça vous tente? Vous aimeriez oser mais vous avez peur de la faute de goût ? Cet article est fait pour vous! Nous vous expliquons en 8 points comment associer les imprimés sans vous rater.

How is our Akoum bomber jacket made? (2)

More insights on the dyeing process

Comment porter la veste en pagne au bureau?

Avalanche de couleurs, de motifs, le pagne, aucun vêtement ne lui résiste ! Encore moins la veste, élément strict et formel, vêtement clé du vestiaire professionnel, l’habit du bureau. Comment la porter?

How to avoid to pay high customs fees and charges ?

Help ! I have to pay €32.75 customs charges on a product I bought €49.39 from Minsangi!!!

Uumaaka çurii mbolwaaka

Uumaaka çurii mbolwaaka (What is groaned about surpasses what is spoken about)

Fulani decorated calabash bowls

Traditionally, a woman's calabash collection begins as a gift from her parents on her wedding day...

Three authentic Fulani gifts

High end decoration, style above everything, here are three authentic Fulani inspired gifts you may like to offer this season.

What is Pulaaku?

High moral values of the Fulani, which enable them to maintain their identity across boundaries and changes of lifestyle, Pulaaku is the moral code of the Fulani.

Four facts about the Fulani

Nomadic or sedentary, four facts about these people widely dispersed across the region, from the Sahara borders to the beginning of the equatorial forest.

Munyal, La nouvelle collection de Minsangi

A travers Munyal, Minsangi veut redonner aux femmes les armes, afin qu’elles soient les actrices majeures de leur vie et abolir le mythe de la “femme forte”.

Why we should stop being lazy?

This proverb means that one must not be lazy.

The capacity of perseverance

It is expected of a Pullo to display a high degree of perseverance. Read in this blog post, a Pullo proverb that teaches us perseverance.

How to accessorize a boubou dress?

A boubou dress is one of the most timeless, stylish, and versatile garments out there. Whether you’re wondering how to update your tried and true boubou dress or you need to know which classic pieces to pair with your brand new boubou dress, accessories will help you create a polished look for any occasion. Simply mix and match an accessory or two and you’re sure to make an impression anywhere you go. Here are four ways how to.

Inspiration for our new collection

Inspiring image for our next collection

How to leave a meaningful review?

In this blog post, we want to teach you how you can leave meaningful and helpful reviews, for us and other shoppers.

The King is dead, long live the King!

The new King of Bamoun Kingdom is now known.

We are preparing our new collection

Inspired by the Fulani decorated calabashes. Check out!